for what it’s worth

do you think you’re doing good,

do you think they think you’re nice?

everybody line up now, 

cause i’m through with all your lies. 

you might try and put it behind you

but truth is string it’ll come and find you

slowly realize you have lost who 

you were, so it’s time to escape


when the time is running out, 

it’s best not to be found guilty.

when the time to pay is coming

wouldn’t be wise to run

but what can we do?

you’ve had your share of fun

so now account for it,

under the morning sun.

when the time is running out, 

too late, you’re guilty. 

where does the good go

Dear Best Friend,

We’re not as close as we were this time three years ago. I understand that things have changed in our friendship, and that’s okay. How are you? I can’t even remember the last time I asked you that. I can’t message you, it hurts more than not talking at all; the fact that we’ve run out of things to say. But that’s what we’ve become. We used to hear about people losing touch with their best friends and I never thought it would happen to us, but look at us now. I’m not sure what caused this sudden drift apart, but I believe growing distance and lack of communication that began when I went to another city had a lot to do a lot with it. We go months without talking. I used to miss you so much, but tbh, it never seemed like you missed me, I always felt too clingy.

When I look through pictures of the two of us, it breaks my heart. I miss the connection we had. I knew everything about your life. Thanks to social media, there are a thousand ways to contact you, but I still have no idea what’s going on in your life. I avoid looking at your pictures. You’ve made new friends, and so have I. But I still have a tad bit of of jealousy, because you seem so happy with your friends.

We grew apart as we distance grew. I wish we were like other friends who pick up where they left off, even after months, but we let our friendship die. And now I’m not sure how to pull you back.

I don’t know how you feel about us right now. But remember this; that I’m here, in case you make that step back. I’m here, praying and wishing nothing but the best for you.

The point of this letter was not to make you feel sad or anything. I just want you to know that am I equally, or maybe even more saddened by the fact that we’re no longer best friends. But thank you. Thank you for all the joy you’ve provided me with over the years. The love and happiness you added into my life was more than I can ever return.

I hope you surround yourself with the truest of friends, because you sure as hell deserve it, the way I do. The way we both do. I love you and miss you a lot, and not a day goes by when I don’t regret letting this friendship die.


Love always,

Your Best Friend.




An Open Letter to the Religious Right


To Mohammad Sheerani, Siraj-ul-Haq, Muhammad Naeem, Tahir Ashrafi and the rest of the religious right in Pakistan,

Although I have very little to no respect for people who misuse and distort my religion, I hope this open letter finds you in good health. At the very onset, I would like to clarify that I have not referred to you as “Maulana” or “Mufti” not out of disrespect but out of respect for Islam and the credibility afforded to such titles. Please do not take offence at this as I am not writing to offend you, but to provide you with a perspective distinct from yours.

I wouldn’t call myself an authority on anything as only Allah is the all-knowing but being part of the “Ashraful Makhluqat”, I’d like to believe that the brain Allah has blessed me with has something to offer, be it limited.

Let me begin by saying…

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I am more and more convinced that our happiness or unhappiness depends far more on the way we meet the events of life, than on the nature of those events themselves. –Wilhelm von Humboldt

Being happy does not require an actual happy incident. We choose what to be happy about. We have charge over when to feel happy. Life throws uncountable challenges and hurdles for us to face and fight. But it is in our hands how we deal with them. Do we let them take our happiness away. Is that how weak our control over OUR happiness is?

The brilliant inventor, Thomas Edison failed several times in his works to make a lightbulb. However, not once did he show signs of being frustrated, tired or unhappy, but said I have not failed. I have only found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  He took control of his own happiness. The way it should be. True happiness depends on how we react and counter the different events rather than the events themselves.

Our attitudes and ways of dealing with the events of life, are what result in our personal happiness. Knowing that, we can surely live a better and happier life.


stay rad-stay weird-stay beautiful





Untold Stories // Breaking the stereotypes.

“…and i’m from Pakistan”

When we, Pakistanis say this to people outside of Pakistan, dozens of images and ideas cross their minds. An instant link of terrorism, child abuse, gender discrimination, extremism, religious radicalism, early marriages and poverty is made with the name of Pakistan. These stereotypes, don’t define Pakistan. Let’s discuss some of these stereotypes today. Let me share with you truths about my country that you don’t get to hear. The stories that aren’t told. The Pakistan that you did not know existed.

All around the globe, people tend to think  believe that Pakistan feeds terrorism. They believe that Pakistan is the root of it all, that we promote terrorism, and Jihad and guns, and killing. Without realizing, that Pakistan alone, has suffered far more from these attacks, than any other country in the world. From 2003-2015, over 59000 people have died due to acts of terrorism in Pakistan. “We are not the oppressors, we are the oppressed.”


The other major stereotype, is that all men in Pakistan are controlling and that Pakistan is a patriarchal country ( I won’t deny this, because it’s a feeling I’ve experienced living here, from time to time as well)  I was lucky enough to have an encouraging father, who every single day would encourage me to do what boys my age were doing, and motivated me to it better than them. Never have I been discouraged on the basis of being a girl.

Countries in the West believe that Pakistani women women living in the remote areas of Pakistan, are told that they can not be visible, and are told that their  very existence is a source of shame. But that too, isn’t entirely true. Here, in Bahawalpur, a TFWC (Troops Family Welfare Center) comes under my dad, so my mother there goes to check how the girls are doing from time to time. During my summer break, I accompanied my mother on a few of her trips to this welfare center. Girls of ages 13-19 come here to learn embroidery, sewing and knitting. When I listened to them talk, and heard their stories, I was astounded. These girls talked with such confidence, such self-assurance, and poise. They were the bosses of themselves. One of the girls,Faiza, who was 13 at the time,  told me that her parents were thinking of setting up her 15 year old sisters’ engagement, because they no longer could financially support her. Faiza knew that her sister could not get married at 15, because her sister was the only one in her family who was getting proper education, and therefore, all of us decided to do something to stop her marriage. The girls started making small dresses for little babies, and asked me to sell them. Every month, we’d collect almost 4000 for the dresses we made. At the end of my Summer Break, 3 months later, we had 8000 rupees in total. I felt so happy. Not only because we collected money for her parents by doing the right thing, but because we just broke a stereotype; that girls in Pakistan can’t. That they just can’t live, exist, survive. We did it, we proved that we could, did, and will. Another lady, who lived near my house here, was truly an inspiration for me, for all the social work, and all the times she helped people, and changed lives of complete strangers. I can’t even write half the stuff she has done here, she really deserves a separate post (which I shall write, after I have asked her if I can haha) Women like her and girls like Faiza make me believe and trust in the women of Pakistan.


Pakistan is not the Pakistan that the West sees and portrays. There is a lot more to Pakistan if you look closely.

pakistan zindabad



16 lessons learnt at 16.

Last month, I was coming home from Lahore. On the way back, I got this idea. “16 lessons learnt at 16.” So, ever since that,for the past few weeks, I have been noting down important things I have learned in my life, and have been adding to it as more and more mistakes were made and lessons were learnt. Yesterday I turned 16, so I have for you all a list of mistakes I made, lessons I learnt, memories I made, everything I went through in these 16 years.

  1. Always be positive. If I was asked what the key to happiness was, I would definitely say being optimistic. I’ve had to deal with so many depressed/sad/suicidal friends, and the only thing I told them was, if you think about negative things, and look at everything in the most negative way ever, more and more negative energy will be made in you. Which is why we all feel a little depressed at times. Because we’re always cribbing, whining and ranting about life. How can we see the beauty of things if we’re always only focusing on the flaws?
  2. Be confident. A lot of people won’t want to listen to you,because you let them ignore you.  A lot of people won’t value your opinion, because you tell them their opinion is greater than yours. STOP! No one can tell you what to do and how to live your life. Be confident! Speak loudly, speak clearly, speak boldly, make them listen. Your voice will be heard, but only if you have confidence in yourself.
  3. You > The whole world. Love yourself first. Listen to yourself first. You’re your own person.
  4. Don’t be afraid to be alone. One very important thing I learnt in the last two days was to learn to live by yourself. My best friend moved to Lahore, and when I shifted here I knew her already so I didn’t really bother making new friends. But now that she’s gone, I have zero friends. I was so scared of going to school after she left. But why was I scared? Because I had no friends? Is that something to be scared of? Didn’t the last point say “Love yourself”? Yep, you have yourself. I had me, who else could I have? You are your greatest friend. Go have dinner all by yourself. Watch a movie alone. Be alone, and be okay with it.
  5. THE WORLD IS FULL OF BCHZ AND MEAN PEOPLE. Another thing I learnt this year was that there are uncountable a-holes and rude people out there. You’ll see people being mean to the new kid, you’ll see them bully someone who lost the Headgirl/Headboy elections, its everywhere. That’s what they learnt. But don’t start a fight with every mean kid you see, they’re not worth your time. Know that what they’re doing is wrong, but remember that they’re stubborn and arrogant as hell, so chin up and keep walking!
  6. You only get one shot at this. Remember that YOLO phase? And then remember that making fun of the YOLO phase? Well, it’s true. You really do live just once. This isn’t a gameboy game with 5 lives, this is real. JUST ONCE. Make sure you don’t screw it up!
  7. Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. It’s called being human. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, we learn from mistakes. But make sure you don’t repeat your mistakes.
  8. Never ever pick a guy over your friends. No matter what. Your friends have been with you through thick and thin, but guys can leave you if you make the slightest mistake. They have the biggest egos. Don’t get fooled by them.
  9. Ego is one hell of a drug! Ego ruins theee most perfect friendships and relationships. Don’t let ego come in the way of you and your friends.
  10. Follow your bliss. I’ve lost count of how many people tell me the stuff I do is crazy and weird. Whatever. Who cares? Why? Because when you follow your bliss, your heart, because when you are, how can you go wrong?
  11. What people say about you says about them, not you I’m sorry. Stop thinking about what people will think about you. Um is this your life or theirs? Will they be answerable for your life? Um I don’t think so. Whatever they say, says about them and about their upbringing, not yours. So chill, listen to what they’re saying and laugh!
  12. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it. (so i know we got issues baby true…sorry) Stop making excuses for why people are doing better than you! You have to work for it, they don’t have horns attached to their forehead now do they? If they can do it, so can you, but you have to worrrrkk hard.
  13. Learn how to lose. Sometimes we lose. This is life, it happens. But you can’t cry and hate on the winner all the time, okay? Go congratulated the other person give them a hug! Chin up kid, chin up!
  14. Don’t watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s just going to make you feel ashamed and insecure. Trust me, don’t!!
  15. YOU CAN BE WRONG TOO! Oh my God do I hate people who think they’re always right? Sometimes I’m one of those too. Specially with directions. I’m always 110% sure I’m right, until we’re at a dead end. It’s okay to be wrong, you’re not right all the time, so chill.
  16. Live in the moment. Take life one day at a time. You have no control over yesterday or tomorrow. All you have is RIGHT NOW, so just be happy. And make the most of what you have.

I hope you guys liked this lol. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I love you all. <33

stay rad stay weird stay beautiful xx

10 Ways to be the Perfect Friend

Hello everybody!❤

I’m so so sorry I didn’t write more app.posts. You guys probably by now, know that I am thee most inconsistent person everr. So after doing 4, I felt like the idea was a little boring..I’m sorry to those of you who I couldn’t write about. I hope you all know how much I love you, seriously, all of my friends. Thank you for always being there for me.non-existent readerss<333

You all will probably agree with me on this, that our generation has the highest number of depressed kids, and also the highest number of bullies/backbiters/two faced/fake friends. It’s not very easy finding a friend, who’s sincere, trust worthy (I believe both words have the same meaning but ok) and who actually likes you for who you are, someone you can be yourself around. And believe it or not, we too at times, aren’t the perfect friend. So, today I will share with you all, some (more than 10, 10 looked nice in the title) ways to be that perfect friend we are all searching for, but only a few have. Keep reading, I hope you enjoy! xx

  1. Take your ego off the table. Ego ruins the most perfect relationships/friendships/marriages even. You have to put your ego behind you, to be that friend everyone wantss. “Ego: Three letters that hold you back from saying your heart is dying to say.” Couldn’t have said it any better. At times, you want to apologize to your childhood friend, but your self esteem says don’t, and you end up ruining your friendship. So, always be the first person to apologize, even if it wasn’t your fault.
  2. Do NOT believe in rumors. Never believe rumors, not before asking your friend what actually happened. This often ruins perfect friendship. And most of the times, the rumor isn’t even true, but again our ego says we can;t go back and apologize, so we wait for them to apologize.
  3. Always be there. Even when your friend is silent, your presence will be enough for them. Just be there, and let them know that no matter what, you will always be there for them.
  4. Know what’s happening in their life. Often our friends tend to hide the bad things happening n their lives, but make sure you know what exactly is happening in theirs.
  5. Walk in when others are walking out of their lives. Be there for them when you see others leaving them. Love them and don’t let them feel the need of those who left.
  6. Guide them. Be their mothers/sisters/friends. Help them make hard life decisions, and tell them you’ll still be there no matter what they choose.
  7. Have their back. Wherever you are, whoever is talking bad about them, jump in. Do not let anyone know that they can say whatever they want to, about YOUR friend, and get away with it. Be their for your friend, show them they have someone to protect them. And Do it.
  8. Listen to them. When someone goes through a bad phase of life, all they need is someone to talk to. Listen to all they have to say, even if it’s wrong, and stupid, and childish, listen.
  9. Be honest. Don’t have any lies come between your friendship. Be completely honest with your friends. Tell each other every secret, and be trust worthy, so they can too. Don’t everr tell their secret, even to your other closest friends if they haven’t told them.
  10. Accept them for who they are. Don’t judge them. Don’t demand them to change according to your likes/dislikes. Let them be who they are, it will surely strengthen your friendship.
  11. Call them at 4am. Call them at 4 am just so see if they’re okay. Talk to them and tell them how lucky you are to have them, at the weirdest hours, so that they know you mean it. (not when you’re drunk tho.)
  12. Treat them the way YOU would want to be treated. Be the kind of friend you’d want to have. Say things you’d want to hear for yourself.
  13. Love them. The world needs love. We’re actually running out of love. We don’t tell people close to us how much we love them that often. Tell them how much they mean to you, and how lucky you are to have them, and that you love them. ❤

I hope I can do some good through this post, maybe help getting two friends closer or something. Always be nice and respectful to your friends and even people in general, and before doing or saying anything wrong to others, just ask yourself “would you want this to happen to you?

Stay happy, stay united, I love you guyss.xx

#1- Hira Sadiq


I’m so glad my mom made me meet Hira 8 years ago. I came from school one day, and a weird annoying kid was sitting on my bed. At first we were so awkward, but then we played with Barbies. We planned how we’d get them married and all. I’m glad she came to my house that day, because I swear to God you don’t want to miss being friends with her.

Ever since that day, we met almost everyday. We had water fights, we ate chips together, listened to old Rihanna songs (Umbrella) and just chill like little kids. We were so adorable. Then she went to Pindi, and I went to Lahore.

Later in 2010, we met in Lahore. And it felt like NOTHING had changed. Like we were still the same Kharian kids, ready to call Shanze and have a water fight. (Jk we got prettier, actually no ok sorry)

Then came 2014. When I heard the news of me shifting to Bahawalpur. Tres horror, I tell you. But with that I also heard that Hira’s going to be there. I was a little relieved. So I messaged her, and we got all excited and happy. When I met her here, to be honest the first month was a little awkward. I would only say Hi, and just sit there, between Ayesha, Malaika and Hira. But then it felt like Kharian again. And we opened up.

I’m really glad I know Hira, because she’s the kind of person you need in your life, you know. She gives honest opinions. If you don’t look good in a picture, she’ll say so. She won’t say “It’s nice but not that nice.” She’d say “No, not nice.” Which is, what I love about her. People who can’t tell you you don’t look nice, how can they be your friends? Plus, she doesn’t even get mad when you give her honest opinion. It’s so easy being yourself with her, because she’s always herself too.

She’s really mature, and when she talks sense, she can some really impressive things. I take her as an inspiration sometimes. They way she talks, slowly. It’s cool, okay? This sounds weird, but this isn’t a jhoti tareef, I’m very serious right now.


She’s just a really nice friend, who’ll always be there for you. I’ve seen her freak out when she found out her friends mom had cancer (Which was a joke, later found out-.-) She cares a lot about all of her friends. And I think we’re all pretty lucky to have her in our lives.

She’s just an amazing friend, who has given me some pretty rad advice just when I needed it.

Won’t you love a friend like that?

I love her so much more than a post can describe.

Lots of Love,



“Who is Breeha?”

“I think you mean, Who is Breeha, Iman?”

“No Tanya, I mean WHAT is Breeha? I don’t understand her.”

“I don’t think anyone does. She’s…”

I heard two 7th graders having a legit conversation about how they don’t understand Breeha. I mean who doesn’t understand Breeha. (Actually yes they have a point) But no, Breeha is someone who seems like she will kill you if you look at her for another second, someone who you try to be cool in front, someone you think is always judging you. But no, You’re all wrong. Get to know her, and I swear she’s not like that. She’s sarcastic, and literally so done with life all the time its fun listening to her being sarrial. (annoyed, for all my angraiz reader. YES THERE ARE A FEW OK) She has a veryyy long hate list, and I’m pretty sure half of Islamabad is on it, but she’s nice.

I honestly don’t know what else to write here.

She lives in the shittiest place ever; ISLAMABAD, ew right? But other than that meh she’s nice.

So to all the 7th graders who don’t understand her, talk to her, get to know her, be friends with her, and love her. She’s the kind you read in books about, I hope she never dies. ❤

I should so get paid for this, I write so many lies. Also, the 7th grade conversation never happened. I made that up.

Happy tooti meri cutie, ily.

Trucks and lorries full of love, Fatima.xx